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My name is Tim Mrva and I like technology. I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and also hold a GMRS license. Communicating via radio is fun as well as useful. I enjoy computers and other electronics as well and I have bought and sold all kinds of things through Ebay. This website is kind of a "catch-all" for tech ideas I'm thinking about, projects I'm currently doing or am thinking about, hints and tips for tech-minded and non-tech- minded people alike and is a place I might post things which I am selling before placing them on Ebay (because sometimes moving an item locally is less hassle than shipping it half way across the country).

I work for a local Phoenix two-way radio dealer, ProComm, a Division of Southwest Radio Sales, Inc. and as such am immersed in the two-way radio business and culture. At ProComm we know how to make radios work to the best advantage of the customer and we have helped thousands of customers with their communications needs. We are experts in the field of two-way radio and work tirelessly to provide the best value by selling the best brands and making sure they are properly programmed, aligned and tuned before they go out the door. We also work to keep our clients on the right side of the law (the FCC) by making sure they are properly licensed. Other, less honest two-way dealers in Phoenix have been known to do neither. They just ship radios with the factory settings in them and then it's "good luck getting maximum performance out of it"! (You won't) We don't operate that way.

Radios may be my job and my hobby, but that is not my identity. First and foremost I am a Christian, (a Christ-follower, not just someone who is "religious") who loves the Lord. As such my desire is to please Him in everything I do. Therefore I will treat you fairly and with integrity. "The Lord hates lying lips, but those who speak the truth are His joy. (Proverbs 12:22, NLV)

My wife and I attend Calvary Chapel Central Phoenix and are accountable to the body of believers there, where we worship and serve. We have children and grandchildren, for whom we strive to be a good example. We own Studio902 Web Solutions, a web design and domain name sales company.

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