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Monthly Bookstore Letter for October 2019 Rev1

Greetings Fellow Bookstore Servants!

October brings thoughts of fall and hopes for cooler temperatures. For Cindy and I, this October is special because we celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary! WOW! 40 years! How time flies! October is also the month for a lot of other birthdays and anniversaries in our family, so it's a busy month. By now you all know which days Cindy and I will not be available to serve in the bookstore (see Cindy's email from 09/26/2019 at 10:22 AM) so I am not going to reprint it here, since this is more public. Thank you to those who stepped up to provide adequate coverage.

This past weekend's "Love Our School Day" was a great success! We had a pretty good turnout and had a lot of fun helping others spruce up Ocotillo School. We hope you will all come out next year to the event which shows our love for the teachers and students of Ocotillo.

As for the bible studies: At last count, we only have two more copies of the Men's book, "The Making of a Man of God - Lesons from the Life of David" so if one or two new guys buy a copy you need to let us know immediately so we can order a couple more. As a reminder, there are NO books being sold for the Women's study this fall, so no worries about running out of stock there.

The second pre-order for Tee Shirts has been delivered. Please keep taking orders as we are working toward the third printing. We now have a few more "Extra" stock shirts that we ordered for showing people, but so someone wants to buy one, let them purchase it. The pricing for the stock shirts is the same as the pre-orders. It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts for family members, so suggest a tee-shirt and get their pre-order if they agree that's a good idea.

As always, we should always be looking for opportunities to serve others through prayer by just getting to know them and finding out if there is a need to pray for.

The Schedule:

Cindy & I made up the October schedule and it's posted here:
Here is the link:
Please bookmark it or download it or print it (in fact, why not do all three?) and put a copy of it in your bible or your day planner, on your refrigerator or wherever you can refer to it so that you can check it often before making other plans!

Please let either Cindy or me know immediately if you have a conflict with any dates OR if an emergency arises and you cannot serve. We need you to notify both of us and one of us or the other will be sure to get in touch with you to try to work it out.

As always, we appreciate the your loving kindness and your faithful service to our little body of believers at Calvary Central.

Tim & Cindy Mrva