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Bookstore Information Page

Greetings Bookstore Visitors!

This is a landing page to present information about the Calvary Chapel Central Phoenix Bookstore, and a place for bookstore volunteers to get their schedule

The bookstore is located behind the stage, and the entrance is on the left as you face the front of the sanctuary. You will pass through a kind of "foyer" to the bookstore first then go through an archway into the main area of the bookstore.

The bookstore is open every time we have regular services at the church. We open a half hour before the start of the worship service or bible study and remain open about a half hour after the services end, unless there is nothing happening and the church has cleared out.

We are currently working on obtaining enough prepaid orders for the Calvary Central Tee Shirts to be able to order them from the printer. Progress is slow because pretty much anyone who wants one has already obtained one. You can still order them, so we encourage you to come in and get yours.

Greetings Fellow Bookstore Servants!

Please be sure to fill out the bookstore availability survey for next month so we can publish it here on the website. Here is the actual link to it:

The Schedule:

Cindy & I made up the October schedule and it's posted here:
Here is the link:
Please bookmark it or download it or print it (in fact, why not do all three?) and put a copy of it in your bible or your day planner, on your refrigerator or wherever you can refer to it so that you can check it often before making other plans!

Please let either Cindy or me know immediately if you have a conflict with any dates OR if an emergency arises and you cannot serve. We need you to notify both of us and one of us or the other will be sure to get in touch with you to try to work it out.

As always, we appreciate the your loving kindness and your faithful service to our little body of believers at Calvary Central.

Tim & Cindy Mrva